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A Widow’s Watch

We as caretakers must first and foremost remember to take care of ourselves first. This is so important. Not only are we caretakers but we must also advocate for our loved ones. The Healthcare system and the pharmaceutical companies are big business. It is profit driven, not patient driven. The Healthcare system really needs an overhaul. It’s currency driven, not consumer friendly. There was a time when you would pay what you owed after receiving service. Now, we are required to pay upfront, even before being seen by a healthcare professional. If you don’t have the means to pay, sadly, you will be turned away. I am not bashing health care professionals because I am one myself. It’s the system that makes the rules. There was a young lady that had four small children. She was diagnosed with stage 4 uterine cancer. She was turned down by three different doctors who refused to take her crisis situation because she could not pay her $1000.00 deductible in order to be admitted into the hospital. She succumbed to death because she could not afford to pay her deductible in order to receive the care that was available but not affordable. Now four small children will have to live without their mother. How tragic.

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